Rocky Mountaineer British Columbia Canada – Travels with my Dad

Travels with my Dad on the Rocky Mountaineer, through BC’s desert to the Rockies and incredible Banff

Wow! What an incredible trip so far (October 12, 2008).  I’m travelling with my Dad Simon who is 80 years young.  We boarded the Rocky Mountaineer train in Vancouver, BC at 7 am on Sunday October 12, 2008 travelling in Red Leaf service.  We soon left civilization behind and were travelling through the Coastal Mountains.  For me, the best part was when we entered the desert-like area of the Okanagan Valley in central BC.  The hills are low and rugged with little vegetation except for some sparse Ponderosa Pine on the flats.  It reminded me of that old western television show Bonanza with Little Joe, Hoss, the patriarch Ben and what was the other son’s name – he always wore black and was a bit of a ‘black sheep’ of the family.  With a bit of an imagination, as you looked up at the ridge, you almost believed that you would see a group of rough and ready men on horseback galloping to a sudden stop just shy of the edge with clouds of dust billowing.   It was a gorgeous sunny day and the sunlight played off the colours of the earthy hills.  As the day wore on and the sun moved through the sky the view would have changed even if we wouldn’t have been standing still.  Remarkable.