2010 — Off We Go Again!

New beginnings are usually associated with the new year and it hasn’t been any different for me. Getting up in the morning to go to work was new though. But it’s like riding a bike, you don’t forget. Not so with names. I probably was introduced to everyone in the office when I worked those 2 days in December, but now they are just a bunch of nameless faces. And if I met most of those people outside of the office, I wouldn’t even know that I worked with them. So today I got a list of everybody’s name and a office lay-out. Would it be such a bad idea for everyone to have a name plate? I haven’t even met the other lawyer that I will be working with.

The office is located in an area called Mt. Pleasant – it feels a long, long way from the downtown and not just in distance. I love downtown Vancouver. I feel like a foreigner. This is the area where I volunteered for the Drift Art Festival and Studio Tour, so I’ve recently become familiar with it. Everyday I explore a little looking for some interesting places where I can hang out during my lunch hour. I’m happy about the brand new community centre and library that is just a few blocks from the office. The library is like going into a book store – lots of brand new, pristine books – a little bit of heaven for a bibliophile like me.

Anyway, it’s good to be back home in my apartment. I just wish I had a Tardis like Dr. Who so I could travel to Ontario frequently and easily.


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