The View From Here – Canada Reads on CBC Radio

I love books, magazines and most paper products and not just for the content inside. The look and the feel of a pristine new book is very intoxicating. I often visit bookstores as a treat to myself, but mostly I just browse as I can’t justify the cost to purchase all of the books I’d love to read. I usually only buy books when I go on holidays or as a present to myself and for others. That said, I was in total book ecstasy when I won five books at a radio show taping. These books are on the list for Canada Reads a program sponsored by CBC Radio One. There was a panel discussion about books that epitomize Canada especially for newcomers. Audience members were also invited to recommend their favourite books. If you haven’t read any books set in Canada, you might want to consider the following: Jade Peony (Wayson Choy), Nikolski (Nicolas Dickner), Fall on Your Knees (Ann-Marie MacDonald), Good to a Fault (Marina Endicott), Generation X (Douglas Coupland). I haven’t read any of these books yet and I look forward to learning more about my country. Go to to follow the discussion on these books.  As well, CBC Radio has a number of shows where authors are interviewed and you can either tune in or listen to a podcast of interviews from their archives.


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