The View From Here – Vancouver Olympics 2010

It’s the 2nd last day of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.  Today when I was at my favourite restaurant for breakfast – The Wild Garlic on Denman Street, I watched the Olympics on the big screen that was brought in specially for the games.  There were only two other diners sitting side by side and facing the tv.  It’s an open kitchen so the tv was as much for the staff as for the customers.  We were lucky to be watching as a Canadian won the gold medal in the downhill snowboarding event.   I don’t watch sports, but I do enjoy the Olympics.  Once in a while I ventured to the downtown and the excitement was palpable.  There is no denying that an event like this can bring people together.  It will be interesting to see the finale to the Olympics – the opening was so amazing, I can’t possibly imagine what the closing ceremonies will be like.   There will be a couple weeks break and then it will be time for the Paralympics in March.  Go Canada Go!


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