CBC enters the world of wine-tasting

I’m a big fan of CBC Radio 1 and I expect I’ll get to meet some fellow fans at a wine tasting taking place at CBC Plaza on May 26, 2010.  It’s described as a staggered blind tasting.  I’ll have to do some studying in advance so that I can have a chance at doing more than making a guess.  Tickets are reasonable at $20.00.


Make a Fabric Decal for your walls from How About Orange

This is a great idea to use fabric as decal and paste on with a home-made starch.  When you are ready you can pull off the decal, wash off any start residue and you are back to blah.  Great for decorating rental apartments.

How About Orange is a blog that I subscribe too.  There are some interesting links such as Apartment Therapy and always some easy crafts like this one.  There was even one for making your own bows.

Starched fabric wall decal experiment | How About Orange.