I’m one of the Soup Sisters in Vancouver!

Lots has happened since May 2010, especially my involvement in a grassroots organization called Soup Sisters.  I met with Sharon Hapton, the founder from Calgary and two other Vancouver women, Sheila and Heather and just like that, we created the launch team for Soup Sisters in Vancouver.  Soup Sisters is already up and running in Calgary and Toronto with many new locations coming on board this fall (www.soupsisters.org).

I love the idea of Soup Sisters – it’s such a simple concept but at the same time it’s very powerful.  How does it work? Groups of people will get together once a month at Quince, a café, boutique food shop and cooking school, to make soup for a local women and children’s shelter, Kate Booth House.  It’s a way of really putting the “give” into charity. You will get to chop, stir and create a pot of soup, under the guidance of a renowned Vancouver chef, knowing that the soup you make will nourish and comfort those living at the shelter. I know for me, homemade soup brings back wonderful memories of time spent with my family because my mother cooked soup for our family every week.  We had our own “chicken soup for the soul” long before those books were ever written!

The first Soup Sisters is unique and for this one special night tickets are $95.00 for the launch on September 13, 2010 (invite only).  Your support will provide the first batch of approximately 180 servings of soup to Kate Booth House, the purchase of re-useable glass storage bowls, a Soup Sisters apron and shopping bag, a cocktail and appetizers and a light dinner.   After a short introduction by the founder Sharon Hapton and a representative from Kate Booth House, we move into the kitchen studio to cook under the guidance of our guest Chef, Andrea Carlson from Bishop’s.  And after all the work is done in the kitchen, everyone will sit down in Quince’s storefront café to enjoy some wine, bread, salad and of course a bowl of soup!   The launch is going to be a party for the ladies only.  I promise that it will be a fun night.

Take a look at the website for Soup Sisters (www.soupsisters.org) to find out more and sign up for one of the monthly events.  Also, you can follow the links to find out more about  Kate Booth House and Quince.  [Note: Soup Sisters is a monthly event  held on the 3rd or 4th Sunday for only $45.00.  Guys are welcome to attend.  You can come on your own or sign up a group of friends. ]

Soup Sisters….warming hearts one bowl at a time.


5 thoughts on “I’m one of the Soup Sisters in Vancouver!”

    1. Hi there, yes I’ve heard that there is interest in Victoria about Soup Sisters. Have you been in touch with Sharon Hapton, the founder of Soup Sisters yet? You can contact her direct at hapton@shaw.ca. We’re having another event this Sunday – our first regular one. It promises to be another fun event.

      You can reach me at cbarzo@telus.net if you want to communicate more or telephone me at 604-685-4828 (not too early or late!)


    2. Hi Bev – do you know that we are starting up a Soup Sisters in Victoria in March? Go to the website to find out more information at http://www.soupsisters.org. We starting a 2nd location for Soup Sisters/Broth Brothers at The Dirty Apron Cooking School, also starting in March.

    1. Hi Ashley! Well if you do come to Vancouver, be sure to contact us as sometimes there is room available at the last minute due to cancellations. And we are about to open our 2nd Soup Sisters at The Dirty Apron Cooking School. There’s also a Soup Sisters opening in Victoria in March. Who knows, one day we may be in Washington!

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