Soup Sisters Vancouver – up and running

Monday September 13, 2010 was the launch of Soup Sisters in Vancouver.  What a night!  Over 50 women gathered at Quince for a night of fun, friendship and cooking.  People started arriving just before 6 pm and I was still working on labels and had yet to change into my party clothes.  Next it was time for a group shot of Sharon Hapton, the founder of Soup Sisters, chef Andrea Jefferson, owner of Quince, chef Andrea Carlson of Bishop’s, Sheila, Heather and I, the three coordinators for Vancouver. 

Soon everyone had arrived and drinks were in hand, delectable food delights passed through the room and there was a definite buzz in the air.  After a few opening remarks, we all charged into the kitchen, donned our aprons, found our soup stations and set to work chopping and slicing all the ingredients for the soup.  Have you ever seen a 15 litre soup pot?  Well let me tell you it is big, especially if you are only 5′ 4″.  

The heat in the kitchen started to rise with 6 giant pots of soup simmering on the burners.  But it gave us a chance to relax, stand back, chat to old and new friends and sip some wine.    Next it was time to ladle the soup into glass bowls -over 150 bowls of soup for the women and children at the Kate Booth House shelter.  Tired, but happy, it was now time for us to sit down for a dinner of the chef’s soup – Pemberton Potato soup, salad, fresh bread and another glass of wine.  A fabulous night!

That’s me on the far right! Sheila and Heather are sitting on the counter.  Sharon Hapton, the founder,  is sitting on a chair in the front, Cindy on the left and the two chefs, Andrea & Andrea, in the white coats in the middle.