Mamika – A Hungarian Grandmother is phtographed by grandson Sacha Bada

I heard this story on As It Happens CBC Radio One.  Sacha Bada is a photographer, film maker and looks like he does commercials, now living in Paris.  His grandmother – Mamika (term of endearment for grandma in Hungarian?) is in her 80’s and he started taking pictures of her in costumes to cheer her up.  She dresses up in all these wild costumes including super heroes.  Originally from Hungary it appears they fled to France before or during the War.  What I find charming is that some of the videos of Mamika right at the beginning are in Hungarian with French subtitles!  There are videos and photographs in a book.  If you keep clicking on things, you can get to different places.  Some very artistic and edgy photographs. 

When you first get to site, you’ll see a video playing on a computer screen, and Mamika is sitting below the desk…don’t skip the intro, as here is where she speaks in Hungarian.  It’s kind of nice to hear some of the mother tongue spoken as it always reminds me of my two Grandmas.  Click on Mamika holding the big pair of white briefs….to get to different parts of the site including video and the Book of still photographs which are a mix of commercial photography and photos of Mamika.   

There’s been a lot of exposure through this website and I think it’s cheered up his Grandma.  Her other claim to fame is that she help hide/save 11 Jewish people during the WWII and that is one of the reasons why Mamika is Sacha’s hero.

Have fun….and I hope you enjoy it. It’s easy to get carried away and just keep looking at everything.


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