Ballykissangel on TVO: it must be Friday night again

It’s funny, no matter how often something happens, it can still surprise me.  How did it get to be Friday night again.  Was it really 7 days ago?  Well yes it is because Ballykissangel is on the television tonight.  This series has just started up again on Knowledge and I’ve seen some of the shows before but not all of it.  I believe it was quite a long running show from the BBC.  So I’m familiar with the characters, I know some of the things that will happen in the future and so it is like reaching back into these peoples’ lives to see how it came about. 

My days follow along with the various radio programs I listen to on CBC Radio 1, familiar with the hosts and their programs.  The people in my life  come to me through the radio waves.  And there is similarity with my favourite programs on TVO, Knowledge Network or PBS.  I have a deep fondness for the dramas I see on these networks.  I prefer them to many of the shows I see from the American channels.  I find the quality of the shows and the characters almost as good as delving into a good book. 

So my day wanders from listening to the radio when I wake, more radio in the afternoon or whenever I am in the car, then I switch over to tv, first at home and then again with my Dad between 8 and 10 pm.  Then a little late night tv before I return to my bed, where I can’t help myself from turning on the radio again.  Really it’s somewhat of an addiction.  Some people prefer their pets to their family and friends, and since I don’t have any pets and live alone, I find my company in the voices that float through the air or from the brilliant images projected in high definition from the television.  Not everyone would understand this, but I’m sure there are plenty who do.  To quote a favourite poet by the name of Kenyon, “It might have been otherwise” but for me, this is how it is.


3 thoughts on “Ballykissangel on TVO: it must be Friday night again”

  1. Hello hello! Just a quick one to say hi and I noticed you’re following me now. How lovely! I hope you find me worth your time.

    Once I get a spare 5 mins…I’ll be catching up on your posts! 🙂

  2. I understand completely! 😉 And very well written and expressed I might add!:) I’m watching Ballykissangel right now..;D And PS.. I’m allergic to pets, LOL! Take care!:D

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