Putting my Vancouver Bio to rest

This was the bio I had posted about myself.  Unfortunately things have changed and I am in transition of moving from Vancouver, my soul city, to a small town in Southern Ontario to spend time with my Dad.  Vancouver has been such a big part of my identity for my adult life following university.  It’s not quite over as I still have one foot in Vancouver and one here in Ontario.  Soon, I will have to pack up my life there and completely move here.  Here’s what I said about myself then: 

I love living in Vancouver.  People always think it rains all the time, but it’s not true.  Our rainy season is when the rest of Canada get snow and I prefer the rain.

I recently became involved with a social enterprise called Soup Sisters.  We held our launch on September 13, 2010 at Quince.  People get together once a month on a Sunday and make 6 giant pots of soup.  The soup is made for Kate Booth House, a women and children’s shelter.  We hope that this initiative will help to remind people that domestic violence, and all violence for that matter, is a very real problem in society.  Making soup won’t stop the violence, but we hope that the soup will be a message to these women and children to let them know that we care.  What says love and kindness more than a hot bowl of nourishing soup made by caring neighbours.  We may never meet these remarkable women and children, but our hearts will be with them. 

Soup Sisters is gradually opening up throughout Canada – be sure to check our website:  www.soupsister.org



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