I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow I get on a plane to fly ‘home’ to Vancouver, somewhere I’ve lived since 1991 (and in BC since 1978).  But this time, I’m packing up my belongings and saying good-bye to my beloved city.  I’m leaving Vancouver to move to Tillsonburg.  I’ve already been away for about 10 months, but I have been living vicariously in my apartment by the people who have sublet it while I was gone – Seana-Lee, an actress and her piano-playing musician husband Jim and by the latest couple, Pamela and Tyler who stayed just one month until they found a home of their own.  I’m glad that my apartment hasn’t been sitting empty and has been enjoyed these past months.  The view has been seen out my window, the ocean watched, the red and black ships sitting on the sea noticed, herons circling in the sky, the sun setting, the moon rising and disappearing again into the horizon, the lighthouse blinking off in the distance.  Three short weeks to take in everything with my eyes and etch it into my mind so I can recall it whenever I daydream.


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