Shopgirl – a movie about love, heartbreak and true love

Interesting movie starring Steve Martin and Clare Danes.  A love story perhaps with some hints of Cinderella.  Young poor girl working in Saks meets older wealthy man.  Steve Martin’s character tries to compartmentalize his relationship with her while she wishes he would love her.  Ultimately he breaks her heart telling her “I thought” you understood.  She choose to have a broken heart now instead of later when he no longer needed her in his life.  She choose wisely.  She re-connects with a man she met about the same time as Ray (Roy?). In the intervening year, he changes and is now someone better than who he was and he credits her for encouraging him to just do it.  Clare Dane’s character quits her job at Saks, gets a job at an art gallery and then we see her be one of the artists at the gallery.  She meets the Martin character again and he realizes what he lost by not allowing her to get close to him.  It’s still the right ending.


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