The last time I lost my purse was on the skytrain in Vancouver. Here I go again!

Well I did it again.  Just last weekend in a mad rush to pick up groceries, a bottle of wine and then head out through the stormy night to London to visit my friends Wayne and Marlene, I did just that – forgot my purse.  I was cooking dinner so I guess I had lots on my mind.  Unpacking the car I realized my purse was missing.  I wasn’t really too worried as I figured someone would find it.  A call to the grocery store and they had just found my driver’s license and my name with everything showing my Vancouver address and this was in Ingersoll Ontario.  So I asked them to keep it for me and I would pick it up on my way home.  Relieved.  I knew how lucky I had been.  It was an odd weekend though to be ‘without purse’.  I don’t know how men get along without one as I could never carry all my essentials in my pockets.  Everytime I reached for something in my purse I felt a little lost.  But I managed without it, enjoyed my weekend in London and then stopped by the grocery store to pick up my purse and carried on like nothing unusual had happened.


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