Vancouver, I’m back…oh how I’ve missed you!

Monday March 5, 2012.  I’m writing this post from my kitchen table looking out over English Bay on the Pacific Ocean.  I plan to write a love story over the next 3 weeks.  My love story with Vancouver.

There are white caps on the water and with that piece of information alone, you know it is a very windy day.  But I knew it was windy before I saw it because the bedroom window almost rattled out of the frame!  But the beauty of a blustery day is that all those low hanging rain clouds get blown out of the atmosphere leaving a sunny, blue sky with fluffy white clouds on the horizon.  And the radio man told me that 30 cm of fresh snow fell last night on the local ski hills.

I live on the 15th floor of a vintage high-rise building in the West End  built in the 50’s and contains many original features.  Quaint and desirable by some or lost in the background once you fill it with furniture and stamp it with your personality.  This is a rental building with a million dollar view and is affordable for someone like me when I was working as a paralegal.  It’s a concrete building and should last for years and years to come unless that earthquake that we are told to expect comes.

Not only do I see the ocean, but I live on the edge of Stanley Park, can see the mountains to the right, Kits Beach to the left and I have a bit of city view as well.  My view of the English Bay is mostly unobstructed except for a few high rises a couple of streets over.  In fact, the high-rise I look at everyday is now home to my good friends Karen & Roy. We can see each other when I stand out on my patio and they are standing in their livingroom.  I just hope they don’t have a telescope or binoculars at the ready because I almost never close my curtains.

So yesterday it was overcast and rainy and today it is fabulously sunny – both very typical days in Vancouver.  I’ve been away for 11 long months while others lived here in my absence.  I’m back and I can’t believe how affected I’ve been coming back into my lovely apartment with the walls painted with three different sunny yellows and my Mediterranean blue.  These walls contain the sum of my collection of stuff over the last 30 years.  I chose well, they’ve held the test of time and it makes me feel happy.  I find little gems that bring me pleasure as I settle back in.  If these walls and objects could talk, they would be the memoir of my adult life.


4 thoughts on “Vancouver, I’m back…oh how I’ve missed you!”

  1. Hi Cathy
    Enjoyed reading this….didn’t realise you’d been away so long. Sounds like you’re very happy to be back. Great views if those photos are from your appartment. Never been to Vancouver but you make it sound very appealing!
    Take care,

    1. Hi Martin – yes those are my pictures of Vancouver. Too bad you never made it to Vancouver, but I recommend you put it on your wish list. Did you get the message I sent you from Good Reads? I should have just emailed you direct, but I happened to be on the site and saw your name. I’ll email you at your gmail address.

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