I Bet I’m Not Thinking What You Are On This September 11th!

Remembering is good.  But sometime events overshadow what once was just an ordinary day to so many other people.  Or, it is a special day of remembrance that came before the one that most people think of now.

Today will always be my mother Helen’s birthday.  She was born on this day in 1930 and sadly, she passed away in 2005.  I like to think of her on her birthday as a happy memory.  And this year I’ll be spending it in a house my mother lived in before she was married.  She didn’t live in this house long and I don’t think she really knew which house it was, many years later when she ultimately came back to live in Tillsonburg again.  She knew the vicinity, but it could have been this house or the one across the way.

We only found out for sure after my Dad saw it.  He’d come over to see my new place and on our way out of the house he just matter-of-factly stated, “this was the house your Grandmother lived in with your mother”.   Solved, after all these years of wondering just which one it was.

My Beautiful Mother As A Young Woman

“Happy Birthday Mom.  I sure am missing you.”  Love, Cathy, xox