Just call me Mom

Just call me Mom.  I’m working at a group home in Tillsonburg.  This is my 2nd weekend and only 4 people around (7 residents in total).  I arrived this morning about 7 am so they got cold cereal and toast for breakfast, but I did make my favourite bannana crunch muffins in time for morning break!  Only two for lunch so I made toasted western sandwiches.  Tonight for supper I’m making a home-made chicken pot pie with biscuits.  The recipe is from the Barefoot Contessa recipe book and I made it once before for my sister Rosemary, her husband and my Dad  and it was really good – especially the biscuits! 

All this cooking is reminding me of when I used to cook for the harvest gang on our tobacco farm.  At this place they get 2 additional snacks so I’ve got to come up with more ideas.  Not only am I the cook, but I have to stay overnight at the house – I hope the bed is comfortable.  The residents are very nice and friendly and they like my cooking.  Last weekend I made them chicken paprikash with rice and a pear crisp and they loved it.  Hey maybe I’ve found my new niche. 


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