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“David Bowie Is” a fantastic exhibition at the AGO in Toronto Canada

Jian Ghomeshi, the host of Q on CBC Radio 1 is a big fan of David Bowie.  I am too. On Q, Jian had the chance to talk to two of the curators who created the original show for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London England. It was interesting to hear how they put it together having to pull from 10’s of thousands of artifacts. Thankfully, Bowie saved everything, but unlike you or I who might also save everything, his stuff matters.

If you go to Q’s Facebook page, Jian took a short video along with his comments.  Jian being such a big fan probably knows more about Bowie than many of us.  I posted a message to Jian and urged him to go back to the Exhibit and give us more visuals and more comments for those fans who won’t able to make it. The AGO in Toronto is the only stop in Canada and the next closest stop is Chicago.  Seeing the exhibit through Jian’s eyes with his personal comments and back story, could be the next best thing; your own private guided tour.

I saw Bowie for the Ziggy Stardust tour. I was with my brother Dennis and his girlfriend and my cousin Ron.  Bowie put on a spectacular show both musically and visually even though it was at a massive concert stadium in Detroit.  Back then, Detroit was a thriving rock and roll city.  I must be getting old(er) but I’ not sure whether I saw Bowie a 2nd time…I think I did.  If I did, it was probably a concert in Vancouver because that is where I lived for 30 + years. I don’t often go see more than one concert by an artist, but I think I might have made an exception for Bowie.

“David Bowie Is” is much more than about his music.  It shows how he created the music, the costumes, the fashion and the art.  I can’t wait to go see the exhibit to get a chance to see inside the man as artist.


Back to the Fifties with ‘Fingers Foris’ and his band

It was ‘Back to the 50’s‘ music for Dad and me at an outdoor concert on the lawn of Annandale House, part of the Sunday night music series.  In fact, this was the 2nd performance by this band this summer.  This is my cousin Jim Foris’ band and every so often he does a guitar solo, so I’ve nicknamed him ‘Fingers Foris’.

Watching Jim play reminds me of my teenage days when I was a groupie to the band Jim played in back in the 70’s.  I believe they were called the Village Guild and they did rock and roll covers from the 60’s and 70’s.  All through highschool I went to see my cousin’s band play at various small town community halls.  I got to go to these dances because my older sister Rosemary was dating one of the members of the band, Bob Helsdon.   Jim’s brother John was another guitarist in the band, Danny played the drums and Brad was the lead singer.  They were all good-looking guys and except for they all had girlfriends,  I’m sure there were plenty of girls in the audience who would have liked to be groupies too, especially the non-related kind.  Anyway, stories about those days long ago will have to be told another day!

Back to tonight and the 50’s music.  Dad was having fun clapping and singing along to the music.  We sat beside cousin Marg and her Dad, Mr. McQuigan, who must be about the same age as my Dad.  After the concert we said our helloes to the other cousins – Brenda, Lena, Bob and of course, Jim.  We also saw Jody and her clan.

Afterwards Dad and I came back to my place for tea, some home-made brownies (a recipe by Martha Stewart) and we watched some tv.

Dad would have been twenty-two and still unmarried at the start of the 1950’s.  This was my Dad’s music, but it is also my music because this was the beginning of rock and roll, a music that changed the world and is still played today.  It was so good to see my Dad  out and having fun.  If there would have been a dance floor, I’m sure he would have wanted to get up and dance.  All in all, it was a very good night.