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It’s almost Pancake Day! Or do you know it as Shove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday?

pancakes - Shrove Tuesday-Pancake Day-Fat TuesdayIt’s almost Pancake Day! Or do you know it as Shove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday?  Anyway you say it or make it, pancakes are a wonderful dish to be enjoy at brunch or for dinner.

Crepes rather than pancakes were more the norm in our household.  And we called them palacinta – the Hungarian version of a crepe.

We filled ours with a sweetened cottage cheese filling with a sprinkling of cinnamon and sometimes some raisins.  We spread the filling over the crepe – not to close to the edges, and then rolled them up.  There was a nifty trick to holding the palacinta in our hands – you bent it in half and put the back half between your pinky and ring finger and the front half was placed between your first finger and thumb.  And if you didn’t like the cottage cheese filling, you could spread it with homemade strawberry jam.

Over the years I have added more variations such as drizzling a nice warm fruit compote on top or using ricotta instead of cottage cheese.  My cousin tells me she makes them with a walnut filling which sounds absolutely fabulous.  I think my sisters and I would like them with a poppy seed filling.  Of course these new variations necessitate eating them with a fork and knife.  Until now, I had forgot about the original way to eat palacinta.  Perhaps I’ll make them for Fat Tuesday / Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday.