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Get a modern look for your photographs with Sublimation Printing or Facemounting

A couple of new and modern looks for your photographs is sublimation printing or facemounting. Go to the link below for an article prepared by Opus Art Supplies (Vancouver, BC) to see what it’s all about.  This technique is becoming more popular and you can find suppliers locally that can do this for you.

These methods provide a very modern look that will set your art apart.  There is no need for matting, glass or a frame making it a lightweight piece of art.  These techniques are very durable and long-lasting.

Sublimation printing involves ‘printing’ the image onto clear-coated aluminum or onto a high-gloss finish of white-coated aluminum.  Facemount printing ‘starts with a pigment-based ink and fine art digital paper – either resin-coated gloss photo paper or Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl. The print is then laminated onto an aluminum composite backing, and faced with a clear adhesive, permanently mounted to acrylic’.

I’ve seen these methods used by members of my photography club and used in a recent exhibit at Tillsonburg Station Arts.  The method you choose will depend on the subject matter and colours invovled.  Do you want the metal to show through?  Do you want a bright glossy white background to make your colours pop?  Bright colours are stunning when faced with acrylic.

Thanks to Opus Art Supplies for this excellent article on these methods.

Sublimation Printing | Opus Art Supplies.


Print and Frame that Photograph with Speciality Art Papers!

Two speciality fine art papers available for home printing are Moab Slickrock Metallic pearl and CANSON INFINITY Arches Aquarelle.  The Metallic pearl promises to “transforms an image into lifelike, almost three dimensional quality.”  The Arches paper “is a popular mould-made watercolour paper with a warm white tone.  …  is made with 100% Rag, is internally buffered to resist gas fading, and is acid-free to avoid paper degradation.”

Here’s a link to the full article about these and other fine art papers:
Digital Printing At Home | Opus Art Supplies.

When I lived in Vancouver I shopped at Opus Art Supplies.  Unfortunately they don’t have any stores in Ontario although you can order on-line, but there is a charge for shipping.  The beauty of this site though is their section on How-To’s, Video Demos and a library of written material like this article.

So get that photo off your electronic device or camera and make some art!

Mamika – A Hungarian Grandmother is phtographed by grandson Sacha Bada

I heard this story on As It Happens CBC Radio One.  Sacha Bada is a photographer, film maker and looks like he does commercials, now living in Paris.  His grandmother – Mamika (term of endearment for grandma in Hungarian?) is in her 80’s and he started taking pictures of her in costumes to cheer her up.  She dresses up in all these wild costumes including super heroes.  Originally from Hungary it appears they fled to France before or during the War.  What I find charming is that some of the videos of Mamika right at the beginning are in Hungarian with French subtitles!  There are videos and photographs in a book.  If you keep clicking on things, you can get to different places.  Some very artistic and edgy photographs. 

When you first get to site, you’ll see a video playing on a computer screen, and Mamika is sitting below the desk…don’t skip the intro, as here is where she speaks in Hungarian.  It’s kind of nice to hear some of the mother tongue spoken as it always reminds me of my two Grandmas.  Click on Mamika holding the big pair of white briefs….to get to different parts of the site including video and the Book of still photographs which are a mix of commercial photography and photos of Mamika.   

There’s been a lot of exposure through this website and I think it’s cheered up his Grandma.  Her other claim to fame is that she help hide/save 11 Jewish people during the WWII and that is one of the reasons why Mamika is Sacha’s hero.

Have fun….and I hope you enjoy it. It’s easy to get carried away and just keep looking at everything.  http://www.sachabada.com/site.html